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Welkom Academy of Excellence

Who we are

We understand that the road to success requires more than education alone. We embrace and value the process of laying a foundation from which successful education can be built. Children are our future and we need to do everything in our ability to give them the best chance for success in an ever changing world.

Our History

Welkom Academy of Excellence is the actualisation of a long-standing dream for Mr Koos Engelbrecht, the founder and father of Edulife’s very first school, Academy of Excellence.  His dream was to build a school from the ground up with a solid foundation and he did exactly that. With every brick laid, Mr Engelbrecht was present and he still continues to be involved with every phase of development in the Edulife Group. The first school opened in 2016 and our school will now be part of this expanded dream moving forward in 2023.

Our philosophy

At Welkom Academy we believe in leading by example. Our goal is to provide learners with a safe environment away from home with teachers who are able to take the role of parents, at school. We understand that children are more likely to succeed if they are taught in an environment where they feel safe and have role models to look up to and to go to, for advice. We discipline with reward, reversing the process of punishment, and implement a system where learners strive to do better in order to do their parents, teacher and fellow learners proud. We also understand that every learner is a unique individual and that behaviour is a direct reflection of the emotions that they have, due to experience in their social lives. We strive to get to know all our learners personally and take the child’s circumstances into consideration when dealing with discipline.

Being an independent school

Being independent means having freedom to express ourselves and our beliefs. It also allows us to imagine greatness without boundaries.

Welkom Academy of Excellence is a religious school and we provide our learners a safe place to express and grow their religion. Learners are taught the importance of having a living relationship with God and each teacher does Bible study with their class every morning.

Future plans for our school

Our aim is to steadily grow the school at the pace that we are currently on, until we have two classes per grade and to have only the best teachers in each of these classrooms. We want to maintain the excellent discipline that we currently have in our other schools in the Group. We will continue to build on the importance of the preparation for successful education and not just education as such.

We want to coach strong competitive sport teams. We would like to be well-known for having excellent educators.


Our Vision

Welkom Academy of Excellence, in active partnership with our learners, families, community and educators, will foster personal development, intellectual growth and accountability in a diverse environment, and thereby prepare each Learner to make a contribution to and succeed in becoming a productive and responsible citizen in a digitally driven world.

Our Mission

We treat our learners, teachers, parents and community with dignity, respect and compassion. We strive to promote individual talents, thereby maximizing each Learners potential to become life-long learners and foster them to be accountable and resilient in order to allow them to compete internationally and locally thereby preparing them to cope with the demands of a digital world in a safe and diverse environment.  We strive to give recognition in all areas of the school activities, inclusive of academics, sport, and non-scholastic activities. Creation of inclusivity of all aspects of the leaners well-being, including social-emotional, physical, creative and cognitive abilities.  We encourage our staff to utilize their expertise and skills to create innovative learner orientated teaching methods to shape the future of our learners.


The Beginning of an Exciting Journey

In June 2021, the dream of Edulife Group establishing a new Independent School in the midst of the Goldfields Mining Community began.

I, as the newly appointed Principal arrived at the premises on the 5th of November 2021 to find “Bush and rubble”. I thought I had arrived at the wrong premises, as the school had to open in January 2022. Low and behold this was in fact where this new school was to be established.

This day, challenge and passion began to create an amazing school which I hope will one day become one of the bests Independent Schools in Welkom, so I rolled up my sleeves, put my working shoes on and got “stuck in”.

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    Equity and Equality

    Providing all students with a balanced curriculum aligned with quality instruction, resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome for all.

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    Respect and Compassion

    Creation of a safe and secure educational environment where respect, honesty and appreciation of individual differences are nurtured.

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    Guidance and nurturing of learners to become responsible for themselves, their Education and future.

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    Inclusivity of all Learners, regardless of their personal traits, nationality origin, social or economic background.

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    Success and achievement lies in perseverance and hard work.

Meet our Teachers

Our small classes ensure a close interaction between teacher and child.  Our loyal, creative and committed team of in house experts encapsulates the dynamics of our unique approach to education.

Portia Konyana


Lizelle van Zyl

+ View Pre-Primary & Foundation Phase

Eunice Kampong

Pre-Primary Phase Teacher

Palesa Ramokejane

Foundation Phase Teacher

Tanya Motota

Foundation Phase Teacher

Leilani van Schalkwyk

Assistant Teacher

Lebo Kometsi

Assistant Teacher
+ View Intermediate & Senior Phase

Caroline Morapeli

Intermediate & Senior Phase Teacher

Nthabi Bayou

Intermediate & Senior Phase Teacher

Carah Hewitt

Intermediate Phase Teacher

Lize-May de Klerk

Senior Phase Teacher

Motshedisi Radebe

Intermediate & Senior Phase Teacher
+ View Support Staff

Thabiso Lekaja

Grounds Keeper

Pheliswa Mapongoshe


Joseph Maketekete

Grounds Keeper


Our School Colours are:

Navy Blue, Green and White and represent the following:

  • The Blue represents trust, professionalism and reliability.
  • The Green represents growth, harmony and balance.
  • The White represents commitment to high standards, transparency and a clean, safe learning environment.

The Images on our School Badge represent the following:


Welkom Academy of Excellence

Official School Logo



represent the school’s commitment to developing strong and resilient students.


Graduation Cap

represents Academic Excellence through continuous quality education from one academic level to another.


Vertical line

represents a sense of direction and energy within the school environment.


Three Rectangular Blocks

represent unity, collaboration and our core values.

Horisontal line

White Horizontal Line

represents a strong connection to the community and foundational values upon which the school stands.

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