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Welcome Back for Term 2

Dear Parents/Guardians

It gives me great pleasure to welcome back both you and your child to our school for term 2 and to thank you for entrusting us with the enrichment, care and development of your child’s academic and overall wellbeing.

This term we strive to equip your child in all fields, inclusive of Academics, Sport, Culture, Community Outreach, Digital skills, EXPO and STEAM in order to prepare them to be responsible 21st Century leaders in their future adult lives.

Term 1 was challenging with regards to textbooks, staffing and school clothing. I can hereby with confidence advise you that we are now fully equipped with teaching and admin staff, school clothes will not arrive later than a week to a week and a half and the Grade 4 to 7 textbooks are also due to arrive within a week. This will enable us to ensure that your child can reach their full potential in academics, sport and culture.

The following additional teachers and staff have been appointed to ensure quality uninterrupted academic focus:
Mrs L de Klerk – who will be teaching Afrikaans from Grade 1 to 8, as well as Creative Arts Grade 7 to 8 and Technology Grade 7 to 8. She is also a qualified Level 3 Netball coach, Qualified First Aider, Music Teacher and part of the Lejweleputswa EXPO Committee.

Ms Portia Konyana – Reception and Administrator (who will be joining us from the 1st of May 2023).

I will lead the Digital and Steam development across the school during certain periods of the day, giving me the chance to both lead the school and enrich our learners with 21st century digital skills.

I would like to thank the rest of our current staff for the hard work they put in last term, even though we were often faced with challenges.

You will note that we are going over to a 7-day school timetable (This will ensure that we are able to allocate the correct hours needed per subject, as well as include sport, digital skills, EXPO and STEAM into our school day hours, due to many learners struggling to stay for these activities in the afternoons because of transport difficulties).

Our school hours for the whole school will be from 7:30 am to 13:40 pm from Term 2. Please find in the report package your child’s timetable to be given to him/her and for you to take note of.

Extra Academic Tutorial Lessons
We have incorporated extra tutorial lessons during school hours to assist those learners who are unable to stay in the afternoon for extra tutorial classes. We do however, appeal to parents to please make arrangements for learners to attend specific extra tutorials in the afternoons if they have been identified as needing extra assistance. (letters have been placed in report envelopes for these classes). The tutorials are free of charge.

Academic Progress and Reports
You will note with regards to academics that some learners have made progress and some have dropped slightly if comparing results from the end of last term (2022). (I have created a comparison graph for each learner to show the difference in marks from 2022 term 1 to term 1 2023 per subject.

When viewing this chart, please note this was a new environment for your child and some learners have moved to a new Academic Phase in their schooling career and together with your support and ours, we strive to ensure that they will just grow and prosper from now and onwards.

Parent Calendar and Outreach Projects
In the report package you will find a parent calendar, in order for you to see which activities are planned for the term if you wish to join us on a specific day to join your child for a specific event. (Please note that some activities could still be added to this calendar). We have a mother’s day tea, a father’s day braai, a magician visit, a parent evening (to discuss your child’s academics and meet the teachers), A Parenting Presentation for parents, presented by the Department of Education, to mention a few.

Community Outreach and taking care of environment
Our aim this term is to become involved in the community and assist the less fortunate, (and at the same time build on learner’s skills, we are starting off with the following projects:

Vegetable of Excellence Garden

  • The foundation and paving area has been prepared for planting.
  • Leaners will plant the vegetable on the first Friday of the term. (Please send a little spade or little fork with on that day if possible if you have at home).
  • I have purchased some trays of seedlings from the Nursery so long, we are still short of some vegetables, whether it be seeds to grow from scratch or seedlings, and compost if anyone would like to make a contribution to this.
  • The project is two-fold – to teach learners to plant, grow and nurture their vegetables and then to harvest and give to the community.

In order to prepare our Grade 8 learners for leadership positions next year, we have decided to put all the grad 8 names in a bag and Select 2 learners per month to be prefects for that time period.  This will give both themselves and the teachers and other learners at school to see their potential in order for us to select Prefects in Grade 9.  We will allocate certain responsibilities to them and teach them leadership skills as well.

Our tuckshop will be open from next week.  We have various sweets, chips, biscuits, chocolates as well as water and cold drinks for sale.  On a Tuesday and Thursday, we will sell toasted sandwiches during long break.  Price lists will be provided before Monday.

Parent committee
We would like to establish a parent committee for the school, we would need 1 representative from each phase as follows:

  • 1 Parent from Grade RR/R
  • 1 Parent from Grade 1-3
  • 1 Parent from Grade 4 to 6
  • 1 Parent from Grade 7 to 8

Please forward your full name, surname, learners name and grade to me at should you be interested in being nominated.
A vote will take place next week Friday.

Book Drive
You will notice on the parent calendar that we handed out at the parent meeting, that we would like to do a book drive for all ages of learners from 4 years to 15 years for the following reasons:

  • To establish a library at school as reading is a very important part of a child’s development.
  • To donate excess books to the community who do not have access to books.

If you have any old books lying around at home that you no longer use and would like to donate them, please send them with your child to school to hand them in at reception.

We as Welkom Academy are very proud to have your children in our school and are looking forward to a very productive and academic term ahead.

Yours sincerely,
Rochelle King

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